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Aleksandr Botkin

Birthday - February 24

He is at the theatre since 2009


Alpine ballad / Austrian
based on V. Bicov’s story
Free dogs / Proud
simple story / based on a tale of K. Sergiyenko “Good bye ravine”
Once again about love / Sergei, the second director
in search of the genre / E. Radzinsky
Winter under the table / Mark Til'
fulfillment of the wishes in 14 scenes / R. Topor
Zoy’s flat / Pavel Fyodorovich Abolyaninov
tragicomedy / M. Bulgakov
A Wad / Nikolay
sentimental farce in 2 nights and one sunrise / A. Slapovskiy
Mine Lado / Bobyl
fairytale / based on A. Ostrovskiy’s play “Snow Maden”
Flying Ship / Polkan
сhristmas tale / V. Ilyuhov
Ludwig + Tutta / Hedgehog
almost a fairytale / the tale J. Ekholm
He & She
when it’s doesn’t need words / R. Shaporin
According to Pike / The manager of the people, The people
fairytale / T. Shiryaeva
Wonderful far away / Seryoga
scenes from not free life / Danila Privalov
A midsummer night’s dream / Lizandr
comedy / W. Shakespeare
Strange Dreams
parallel to the vibration
Radio Day / Slava
comedy / Barats A., S. Petrekov, R. Chait
Crazy / Pandolf
comedy / J. B. Moliere
Good mood in the style of folk
musical mosaic with puppets and humans
Murder of Gonzaga / Benvolio, the actor
mousetrap / N. Yordanov
Feeling Beards / Nikita U.
apocalyptic drama / K. Dragunskaya
Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy / Kirill
drama / W. Gombrovich
Nameless Star / Mr. Pasku
comedy / M. Sebastian
Indifferent handsome / He
two monologues in modern style / based on the monopes by J. Cocteau \"Indifferent handsome\" and \"Liar\"
Roundelay / Poet
love affairs foolish people / A. Schnitzler
Funny money / Henry Perkins
comedy / R. Cooney
Orchestra / Waiter playing the clarinet
tragafars / J. Anouilh
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